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Gay School Time

Designed for risograph print with three colors.

Continuation of the Gay School Time series.

Recognized by Society of illustrator and 3x3 Magazine with the Warby Parker Visionary Scholarship and Merit Winner Award.

Exhibited and published on SOI Annual 66

Selected in ISB Gallery Show: Catch of the Day


A continuation of Gay Class Time. It also dedicated to the Six Four Gay Camp and the precious memories of the six years at Wen San Street Primary School. 


Three good years with the beautiful and benevolent Mrs. Li, the first homeroom teacher, and another three years of treacherous battle in wits and courage with the fearsome Cao Jiba and He Meili.


The Battle of Girls and Boys, the Three Emperverts and Five Imperors, Buckling Chicken  Contests and other great achievements. But among these legends, the most difficult thing to let go after these years are still those forbidden loves full of entanglements and bitterness...



Yellow + Red


Blue + Red


Blue + Yellow

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