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Gay Class Time

Designed for risograph zine, Burning Youth

Continuation of the Gay School Time series.

Exhibited and published on SOI Annual 66

Selected in Paper Gallery Show: Fresh Prints

ISB Gallery Show: Catch of the Day

The origin of  Gay School Time. It also dedicated to the Six Four Gay Camp and the precious memories of the six years at Wen San Street Primary School. 

In 2011, Class (4) of Year Six of Wen San Street Primary School, there was a battle of wits and bravery between the students and their homeroom teacher.


The students call themselves "Six Four Gay Camp" and we worked together to grow and refine our skills of dirty jokes and knowledge of basic human anatomy in 

the stressful and high-pressure environment of Chinese education system for children.


 That graceful time is the heroic past that I continue to recall even decades after.


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