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佛法无爱No Love in Buddhism.jpg

No Love in Buddhism 佛 法 无 爱

Colored pencil drawing of Abbot Fa Hai sealed in a crab. Inspired by Legend of the White Snake

Selected in ISB Gallery Show: Catch of the Day

This story took place in the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou China, my hometown. The “Legend of White Snake” is about the love between Bai Suzhen, the white snake spirit lady, and Xu Xian a mediocre mortal man. Buddhist monk, Abbot Fa Hai, was a sour loser who didn’t understand their love. He defeated Bai Suzhen and imprisoned her in a Leifeng Pagoda. The Heaven decided to punish him for being a bad little man, Fa Hai ran away and hid in a crab shell. He was told to be sealed in it until he would understand what love is but I guess he never figured it out or he was just jealous of their impossible love.

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