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Instant Shambhala

Illustration for metaverse design selected by the Watchmen League hosted by Cpond


Runner-up in Creative Quarterly Issue 70

Instant Shambhala_DualFriends_alpha_edited.png

In the future, as humans explore the digital world, the realization of cyberpunk has become a thing of the past. In the long march advancing the technological age, more and more people will find their holy ground and sanctuary of culture, spirit, thought and belief in the new metaverse. Today, the metaverse is widely used in the field of psychotherapy, providing a valuable refuge for people who are traumatized in the real world. Instant Shambhala is not only an ideal pure land to heal people's minds, but also a spiritual refuge in the new era. With the visual mimicry of natural ecology, in the focus of ancient mythology and modern civilization, human beings are free to change, express, create, heal and evolve. Shambhala shall no longer be a mere legend, human beings will gradually return to the worship of the grace of nature with a new look.

Instant Shambhala_DualPiano_alpha.PNG


Instant Shambhala_Shell_alpha.PNG
Instant Shambhala_Process.gif
Instant Shambhala_DualLobster_alpha.PNG
Instant Shambhala_Gentleman_alpha.PNG
Instant Shambhala_DualCrab_alpha.PNG
Instant Shambhala_Jello_alpha.PNG
Instant Shambhala_Kid_alpha.PNG


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