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Dragon, Nine Sons, Eight Auspicious Balls

Archival giclée print on watercolor paper, designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon of the 2024, selected and exhibited at the Blue Triangle Gallery for the Year of the Dragon Show

Dragon Nine Sons_edited_edited.jpg


This piece is an iconographic embodiment of the dragon and its renowned nine sons in the Chinese mythos. Each son is in their youth branching from the father himself, holding the eight auspicious jewel balls fueled with heavenly flame, which bestows great fortune upon the viewers in this dragonic year. Make a wish.

As part of the Chinatown Lunar New Year celebrations, the Blue Triangle Gallery hosts a group show that will highlight Asian artists from Boston and beyond. Come celebrate the Year of the Dragon! This year is the Wood Dragon, which represents authority, honor and dignity. It is regarded as the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals and is said to bring in good fortune, evolution, improvement, creativity, and confidence. Don’t miss out on seeing a traditional Lion Dance performed by Wah-Lum Kung-Fu Athletic Association!



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